Cycling etiquette? What the heck – we’re talking about sweaty lycra wrapped people exercising on public roads and taking up space! Well, yes, that’s true. Let me clarify. Four simple words: Rules of the Road. Cyclists need to be aware of a few things that make life not only easier for others, but for them too.

Some Rules:

One: The sport of cycling is older than you, your grandfather, and even your great grandfather (if he is still kicking). As such, rules and etiquette have evolved over time.

Two: Nice bike. I sweat too, ya know? Meaning, it’s not about the equipment, it’s what you do with it. Anyone (with money) can go out and buy a top of the line Tour de France ready race rocket. Do you have the chops to make it zing?

Three: I know what the state law says. “Yabbutt, I’m allowed to ride two abreast”. Uh huh, tell that to the line of testy drivers behind your group on that two lane road. You know the one, it’s that road connecting the fringe of suburbia with the rural zone, going right by the big recreational lake. Just because we “can” do something, doesn’t mean we “should” do something.

Four: When you’re on a bike, you ARE the airbag. Think about it. No….really. Just because you might be having an equipment issue, you’re computer is not functioning properly, you dropped your water bottle, etc., does not mean it’s safe/ok to stop abruptly or make an erratic move.

Are there more rules? Sure, as many as you want, I guess. Over time, I will expound on the ones above with examples and options.

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