I’m an active lifestyle person, and cycling is my main sport of choice. I also used to be a runner, but the ice kept falling out of my drink. Seriously, I used to have bouts of plantar fasciitis, which would push me back to my bike. Now I have posterior tibial tendonitis disorder. Click here to find out more. In short, my doctors have said to nix running for good, or to only run in life threatening situations. Cycling has really become my main option, which is not heartache for me – I love cycling.

How long have I been cycling? Well, I’m 52, and got my first road bike at age 12. It wasn’t until graduate school that I really became you might say, obsessed with it. After grad school, group rides became a ritual as holy as going to church. I needed more, and when I moved to Atlanta, I fell into a great group from a shop on the south side. I joined the team, was captain for a few seasons, and thoroughly loved it.

When I met my wife, she mentioned that she loved to bike as well, only she found out in quick order that my idea of a weekend ride, and her idea were vastly different. None the less, we’ve kinda met in the middle.

Cycling has also been my profession. I owned and operated a bicycle tour company in Beaufort, SC for a couple of years prior to moving up to the RTP area of North Carolina. Once here, I worked for Carolina Tailwinds as a tour guide on multi day bike tours.


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